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Watermelon Sugar DYE

Instead of "hello," let me offer you a Watermelon Sugar HIIIIII!

The difficult part of purchasing custom tie dye is picking a color scheme. There are so many amazing hues available that it's easy to become overwhelmed with possibility. I know that every time I create something new for someone else, I immediately want one for myself! Options are endless and for me-the mixing and matching is so fun.

Another thing I thought would be fun to do is to offer inspiration. Each week, I'm dropping a new tie-dye combination inspired by my own interests, pop culture, and art of all types. This was the first week-and it did not disappoint!

Harry Styles inspired this week's look. "Watermelon Sugar" is an obvious ode to Mr. Styles and this amazing tune that has undoubtedly been stuck in your head recently, too. It was also a great time to show off new, handmade earrings to coordinate.

Now through the end of July, simply note "Watermelon Sugar" during checkout in the notes as your color choice. Even better? Tap in code "SUGAR" to take $10 off any apparel purchase with this gorgeous color scheme:

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