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If you had told me two weeks ago that we would be celebrating #TS8 with a new album, I would have likely said, "NO WAY!" However, Taylor Swift has once again surprised us all in the best way possible. FOLKLORE has not disappointed, and in fact-inspired me to create my first full collection.

Most of my dyes have been bright and cheery, all a direct influence of my style and preference. Summer trends allowed me to live out all of my colorful dreams as I launched Delicate Dyes. As I listened to the new tracks from FOLKLORE, my ME! inspired rainbow colored brick streets turned into haunted woods with endless dark in every direction.

I poured that emotion into this collection using colors that spoke to me, personally. I used earthy tones with pops of pink to keep things edgy, but romantic. By mixing methods of dye I was also able to create an abstract, almost floral, pattern with some of the pieces that surprised me in the end. From accessories to apparel, I wanted to make something that felt cohesive, new, and unique. Straying from my typical combinations was such a refreshing task and I'm looking forward to taking more risks in the future.

Peep the pieces from THE AUGUST COLLECTION below:

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